As a way of saying thanks to all of our members, we’d like to reward you for helping out. On top of $5 for informing us of new marathons, we’re also giving rewards simply for submitting reviews! Take a look at our various promotions below:

Inaugural$5 Gift Card for Notification of New Marathons
If you notice that we’re missing a marathon from our database, we’ll send you a $5 eGift Card just for letting us know.  And if you find a new 'marathon series' (multi-day marathons), you can increase that to $8!  Last year alone there were 50+ new marathons, so you have plenty of chances to get rewarded.

(Note that there are a few excluded races, so please check the list prior submitting).
Gift Card$6 Gift Card for 3 Race Reviews
That’s right – we’d like to reward you simply for submitting race reviews!  Just submit three quality race reviews on Race Navigator and we’ll send you a $6 eGift Card.  And if you feel like submitting more, we’ll give you an additional $2 for each race review you submit (up to a maximum of ten). 
Please note: check out our Frequently Asked Question section for specifics on this reward.  And it should go without saying, but we won’t accept reviews that have been copy/pasted from other websites (e.g. Most of the reviews submitted to date have been great, but note that we do scan all reviews for authenticity prior to them being accepted.

Excluded Races

There are several race management companies which host a multitude of low-key races throughout the year. Seeing that these races are one-time and non-recurring, we've chosen to not list them individually on Race Navigator [and are therefore excluded from promotions]. These companies are:

Also, we don't accept races that do not have a solidified race date, do not have a dedicated webpage, or is a 'virtual' race.
Thanks for your understanding,
-- The Race Navigator Team

Frequently Asked Questions

$6 Gift Card for 3 Race Reviews

  • After you’re done submitting your reviews, simply send us an email to let us know you’re done. And be sure to include your email address [so we can send you the e-gift card].
  • A maximum of ten reviews is allowed.
  • For specifics on the gift card, please see here: Gift Card. Your gift card is sent via email for swift delivery.
  • As mentioned on the previous page, we’d again like to state that we won’t accept reviews that have been copy/pasted from other websites (e.g. Even if you are the original author, we can't accept them. And note that we scan all reviews before they are accepted, so please just don’t it. That said, if you want to reword your original review and put a different spin on it, that’s perfectly acceptable.