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Race profiles are a free and easy way of promoting your race on Race Navigator. These profiles contain basic race vitals (such as date and location), a course map, participant stats, and a paragraph of 'teaser text' to tout the highlights of your race. Our team does its best to populate most of this information for you, but we highly recommend that you review your profile and update any information as needed. We’re currently building an interface where race directors can update this information themselves, but in the meantime, feel free to send us an email and we’ll take care of the changes for you.


Below is a screenshot of the Boston Marathon’s profile page. In this illustration, we’ve labelled each section and added descriptions so you can get a better idea of the composition and which areas can be updated. Most of this information can easily be changed, so let us know if you need any modifications.

Marathon Race Profile
  1. Race Logo: 150x150 pixels, JPEG format.
  2. Race Name: Name of the race.
  3. Race Review Totals: Total number of submitted reviews along with the overall rating.
  4. Race Location: City and State.
  5. Race Date: Date of the race.
  6. ‘Visit Race Website’ Button: An external link to the race’s website.
  7. Race Description: An open text area where race directors can describe their race and tout its highlights. This area is limited to two paragraphs.
  8. Reviews, Course, and Participants tabs: These are described in detailed in a separate section below.
  9. Popular Races: This section displays other popular races in the state. We're currently building a photos module which can be used in lieu of this module.
  10. Popular Links: Links to popular pages.


Reviews, Course, and Participants

Below are screenshots and descriptions of the Reviews, Course, and Participants sections of a profile.


Race Reviews
  1. Reviews Summary: Total number of submitted reviews along with the overall rating and individual category rating. Each category has a maximum of 5 stars.
  2. Review Title: Title of the review.
  3. Review Summary: Overall and individual category ratings submitted by the user. Each category has a maximum of 5 stars.
  4. User Profile: User profile information & avatar.
  5. Review: A free-form text area where the user describes their race experience.
  6. Race Director’s Reply: A great feature of Race Navigator is that Race Directors can reply to individual reviews. This is mostly used as an opportunity to respond to constructive reviews and inform runners of future changes/improvements to the race in the years to come.
  7. Date: Date the review was submitted.
  8. Helpful: Users rate each other’s reviews as ‘helpful’ or ‘not helpful.’


Course Map
  1. Interactive Map: This map allows users to zoom in/out and view various terrain options. If the route has changed from the one that’s displayed, please let us know and we’ll get it updated.
  2. Elevation Profile: Exported from Google Earth, this profile allows runners to see the hills and elevation change of the course.
  3. Course Vitals:
    • Course Layout: Point-to-Point, Loop, or Out & Back.
    • Elevation Gain: Calculated by Google Earth, this is the total elevation gain (in feet) of the course.
    • Difficulty Rating: A zero to five rating scale of the difficulty of the course. 0-1: Mostly downhill; 1-2: Mostly flat; 2-3: Moderate hills; 3-4: Substantial hills; 4-5: Significant hills.
    • Surface: Mostly Road/Paved, Mostly Trail/Non-Paved, Mostly Singletrack, or Hybrid (50/50 Mix).
    • Certified: The course is certified (usually by USATF). Yes/No.


Distribution Of Participants
  1. Gender Distribution: Percentage of male/females.
  2. Finishing Times: Distribution of finish times.
  3. Age Distribution: Distribution of age groups.
  4. Boston & NYC Qualifiers: Both the total number and overall percentage of qualifiers for the Boston and New York City marathons.

Note that Race Navigator compiles/refreshes this information yearly (typically in Feb/March).

Search fields

There are various fields that are not displayed directly on profiles but are used on the Search page.

  • Inaugural: The race is in its inaugural year. Yes/No.
  • Course Features: Options are: Waterfront (river, lake, ocean), Forest/Park, Indoor/Track, and/or High Altitude (course is >4,000’ ASL).

Teaser Profile

Below is a screenshot of the ‘teaser’ profile that is displayed in the search results. This is a condensed version of the main profile and is used to give users a quick snapshot of the races.

Teaser Profile
  1. Race Basics: Logo, Name, Location, and Date.
  2. Teaser Text: The teaser text is perhaps one of the most important fields to update on your profile. This short introductory text allows runners to quickly evaluate your race and gauge interest. Having a captivating teaser is a great way to spark interest and drive traffic to your website. Note: teasers are limited to 2-3 sentences.
  3. Race Vitals: This information comes directly from the main race profile page.